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the demo as a quick sketch to share with teammates or 

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demo or demoed a song (an abbreviation of the word “demonstration” – “testing”) is a record for reference rather than for release. Demo is a way for musicians to best visualize their ideas on tape or disc and as examples for record labels, producers or other singers. Musicians often use the demo as a quick sketch to share with teammates or composers ; in other cases a music composer might make a demo to send to the singer in the hope that the song is professionally recorded, or a music publisher needs a simple recording to release.or for copyright purposes .

Many bands and singers who do not have a contract will record a demo to own a recording contract . These demos are usually sent to record labels so that singers can sign papers with the label and allow them to record a complete album in a professional recording studio . After all, major record labels often reject voluntary mailed demos; Singers have to be creative in getting the demo into the hands of the decision-makers for the record company. [1] [2]

The composer and publisher demos were recorded with simple musical instruments – usually only the regular guitar or the piano , and singers Both Elton John and Donovan gained early studio experience in the by recording the publisher demos for other singers, as their managers also control the release of music. Many contracted bands and singers often record demos of new tracks before recording for new albums . The demo can provide ideas for the band members, or to explore additional versions of the song, or to quickly record a series of songs and pick out which one works best.

The demo is usually recorded using normal equipment such as a cassette recorder in the form of a “long microphone box” (English: “boom box” ), or as a 4-part or 8-part recorder . The demo rarely reaches the public, though some singers also release original demos in rare compositions or box sets . Few other demo was released unofficial form of recordings illegally , as the demo of Kinfauns of The Beatles . Several other singers have officially released demos as a good album as a track accompanying the album. In the past there was an event where a demo tape was for sale on eBayincluding music that has been leaked to the Internet.

In underground music, such as noise , black metal or punk , demos are often distributed by bands to fans in a self-published fashion.

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